For general rental information on La Villa, please download our Rental Guidelines.


Tours are scheduled by-appointment-only. Drop-in tours are unavailable, so please email us to schedule your tour.


La Villa capacity is 170 seated max. 200 for cocktail. (Cocktail parties will have a limited number of tables and chairs)


Each renter is provided with full use of the La Villa space. This includes: The Ballroom, Reunion Room, Zia Room and El Patio.


Saturdays*: $4200 (plus 9% sales tax)

Fridays & Sundays: $3600 (plus 9% sales tax)

Mondays-Thursdays: $3000 (plus 9% sales tax)

Friday Saturday Package: $6000 (plus 9% sales tax) Package includes 5 hours on Friday and everything included in a Saturday rental

Non-wedding weekday events: Please contact us to provide more information about your event.

Ceremony Only: $2500 (Max 4 hours, includes chairs + full use of space plus 9% sales tax)

Rehearsal - $250 per hour (Max 2 hours) Notified 2 weeks before date If space is available

La Villa Space Security Deposit: $500 


La Villa will open on the day of your event as early as 12 PM.

La Villa is accessible to you for a total of a 10 hours. The flexible time period includes your set-up, event and clean-up times and allows you to schedule the details of your day however works best for you. (This includes a 3 hours for set-up, 6 hour event block and 1 hour for clean-up)  

All event/entertainment must end and clean-up must begin by 11PM


La Villa event staff will be present throughout the duration of your event. They will only be available to assist with any needs regarding the actual space.

La Villa  staff is not responsible for moving furniture and/or conducting “room flips” during an events rental hours.


12 black high top tables will be available at no cost

160 available white garden chairs available at no cost 

19-8’ rectangle tables available at no cost

Renters are welcome to rent or provide your own tables and chairs 

La Villa does not provide linens



La Villa allows for an open catering policy for private events. You may bring in your own food

If your event is open to the public, your food must be provided by a caterer licensed and insured to do business in the state of Missouri and the city of Kansas City

We strongly suggest all vendors schedule a walk-through to determine legal documentation and explain venue policies and agree to vendor closing checklist. The closing checklist is ultimately the responsibility of the lessee.


La Villa allows renters to bring in their own alcohol for a private event

If your event is open to the public, all alcohol must be purchased from a licensed vendor and be served by a bartender licensed in the State of Missouri

Last call will be made at 10:00 PM for bar service.

All vendors will need to schedule a walk-through to determine legal documentation and explain venue policies and agree to vendor closing checklist. The closing checklist is ultimately the responsibility of the lessee.


A prep area is available for use by food vendors. Cooking is not allowed inside.


La Villa staff will set the room for you prior to your event.

Guests are responsible for their own room flip.


Hired event entertainment vendors must provide their own sound system and equipment


La Villa provides a 40 space private lot-parking available to renters at  5:30 PM on weekdays and at 11 :00 AM on weekends

Street parking is also available. No overnight parking is allowed


Security is provided by an off-duty KCMO police officer (scheduled and procured by La Villa staff) and is required for all events. Security is charged at $40/hour, beginning 30 minutes before your guests are scheduled to arrive, until your last event-affiliate has left the building


All renters must provide proof of General Liability Insurance for the event rental date. A certificate of insurance must be completed and submitted 45 days prior to the event (A licensed caterer should be able to provide a General Liability Insurance Certificate at little or no charge to you)


The rental deposit is due at the time of booking and is 50% of the entire balance. The remaining balance total and the security deposit will be due 45 days before the event date


La Villa charges 3% percent for all credit card transactions.


The rental deposit is non-refundable.